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RCCC College and Career Promise (Dual Enrollment)

cfa Academy is excited to be in partnership with RCCC’s College and Career Promise Program. This program gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to get a jump-start on a two-year or four-year degree while still in high school. Best of all, it is tuition free.

Courses are offered on campus and online, so students are able to choose which option works best for their schedules. There are about 40 courses available in the College Transfer Pathway, and there are 17 different programs of study (with many courses available in each) in the Career and Technical Pathways.

College Transfer Pathway

The College Transfer Pathway is designed for students who plan to pursue a four-year bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. You must have a weighted 3.0 grade point average and demonstrate college readiness on an approved placement test. These College Transfer pathways are a structured set of general education courses that, upon successful completion, will transfer to any other North Carolina public universities, as well as most other colleges and universities.

Career and Technical Pathways

RCCC offers 18 different pathways created to help students get a head start on a great career. If the student’s GPA is not quite at the 3.0 level, the student may still participate with permission from the Guidance Counselor. These pathways are designed for students who plan to earn a two-year associate degree or obtain a diploma or certificate and go directly to work.

Steps to Joining the Program

  1. Contact the cfa Academy Guidance Counselor to obtain an application and other required paperwork.
  2. Once admitted, contact the cfa Academy Guidance Counselor to choose a course.