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God Reality

Has anyone, by fussing before the mirror, ever gotten taller by so much as one inch?

"...Steep yourself in God-reality; God initiative, God provisions.   You'll find all your everyday, human concerns will be met."  Luke 12:25 and 12:31 (The Message)

Remember that song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"?  (Take a second imagining me singing it in my office.  LOL...bad visual, huh?)  Well, prior to these verses, in verse 21, Jesus says, "Don't worry."(TLB) 

So when Jesus talks, I have to about you?  That's easier said than done, Fa-rank!  (When my name becomes two syllables in my house, it means...what?!?  Or, are you kiddin' me?!?  Or, yeah, right!)

How can we avoid worry and anxiety?  With faith!  Remember our Maker loves us, gets us, and knows what we need.  It's recalibrating to a God-reality perspective.

By the grace of God, this guy is looking for His everyday answers and provisions.   These little answers that will fuel my faith for the coming "Big Time" miracles.

Don't worry, my friend.  And remember the words from an old chorus..."To be happy in Jesus, is to trust and obey!"  That's living out our faith!

Be blessed.