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Upper School Breakaway Days

We started off the school year with a bang this year thanks to our Upper School Breakaway days! Each class took a different day to spend some time outside of the classroom getting to know each other better and focusing in with Mr. C on this year's theme "Walk It Out". A great time was had by all! Feel free to check out some photos from the day by clicking on the images below. In the mean time check out what senior Heather Morgan had to say about the Senior Breakaway Day:

"In one word, Senior Bonding Day felt significant. The pictures, people, the place- I’ll probably be inclined to remember that day, and many others, from this year. We rode paddle boats, which was fun, and the team bonding exercises were surprisingly really interesting and engaging. I liked being forced to work with people I normally wouldn’t talk to- mostly because I thought that it was funny to listen to the more outgoing people try to figure things out… great minds, battling it out… We should’ve agreed to listen to everyone’s ideas- even the more outspoken people. But it was still good. By the end of the day, I think we were all a little more comfortable with one another. Now, I see faces in the hallway, and I’m like, “Hey, they were on my team; I worked with them! They’re cool!” And I normally would’ve never thought that Senior Bonding Day would be so fun or that it would actually cause us to “bond”… but it did. That’s just cool. I was really happy at the end of the day.” 

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