cfa Academy

Christian education at every level

When it comes to Biblical integration, cfa Academy has three simple yet transformational desires for each student:

Authentic Faith: cfa Academy seeks to cultivate hearts impassioned to know and Worship God;

Educational Excellence: cfa Academy seeks to develop minds that are disciplined to think biblically across all academic disciplines; and

Personal Responsibility: cfa Academy seeks to equip hands that are prepared to serve the community and the world through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, meekness, and self control.

Whether you are sitting in one of our weekly chapel services, listening to a lesson in the classroom, attending a mentor group, or serving in the community, living life through the lens of the Word of God is an integral part of who we are as an educational institution. When you step on our campus, we want you to feel the presence of God, and when our students leave cfa Academy we want to them to take that presence with them in order to be a light to a dark world. To do this, we have put together a staff that is committed not just to the academic development, but also to the spiritual development of each student. We have also implemented several school wide programs that are crucial to this development: Chapel, Mentor Groups, Biblical Integration in Curriculum, and Service Projects.



Elementary Chapel

cfa Kidz Ministry believes in Experiencing God and each week they lead children of cfa Academy in this chance at chapels.  Children come together for an exciting, energetic and impactful worship experience with God.  At these chapels, children walk through Bible Stories, topics and core values to spur each other on to good works and a genuine love for God.

Middle and High School Chapel

cfa Academy, in partnership with 3sixty5 student ministry, is committed to helping students develop in their faith. In our weekly chapel services, students are encouraged in worship and through the communication of the Word. It is our sincere hope, that as we partner with parents, each student will have a personal encounter with a living God.

Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups is a program that  partners small groups of students with a staff mentor. These groups meet at least once a month and are discussion based, centered around spiritual development, community building, and encourage accountability. They are designed to give the students a place to talk about spiritual growth and develop a sense of community with their peers, as well as provide the staff an opportunity to pour into and develop discipleship in students. Mentor groups are organized by grade and gender. 

Biblical Integration in Curriculum

Biblical integration is not an after thought at cfa Academy.  Biblical integration is at the foundation, the core, of everything that is done.  Bible is taught as a core subject in every grade level.  It is our prayer that Bible principals are not only taught, but they are caught.  Therefore, Biblical studies are both inspiring and exciting.

Christian publishers: Bob Jones University Press, Apologia, A Beka, Life Way, Positive Action for Christ, Summit Ministries, and Financial Peace University provide curricula that is relevant and rigorous while emphasizing truth and a Christian perspective. 

cfa Academy without apology believes in and adheres to the Bible’s explanation of Creation, the Fall, and Redemption.  From this perspective truth is learned, applied and trusted.

Service Projects

Service is an important part of a student's time at cfa Academy. Each year, through the Bible department, middle and high school students will work together on a designated service project. In years past, we have partnered with cfa Church working on I Love My City Projects throughout the Concord community. These have ranged from helping at the local Salvation Army, to lending a hand to local community members by painting, landscaping, and repairing in homes and businesses. Our senior class volunteers each year with Special Olympics. In addition, each graduating senior is required to complete 18 credit hours of community service. Other local volunteer based programs that we have partnered with over the years include the cfa Crisis Distribution Center, Wings of Eagles Ranch, Operation Christmas Child, Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Meals on Wheels.