Elementary Fine Arts


Although their hands may be small, elementary students have big imaginations. In the Elementary Art Department at Concord Academy, the students are encouraged to create wonderful works of art while learning to express their own individuality.  In preparation for the Middle School/High School Art Programs, the elementary art students will be exposed to many different medias. 

They will learn how to draw what they see by breaking images down into basic shapes and they will progress in their knowledge and use of color.  It is our desire that through the art program students will not only see the unique details that God has used throughout His creation, but that they will come to understand and appreciate their own uniqueness.

As individuals, the students are allowed to express their special interests and show their giftedness in the arts. The student’s artwork is displayed throughout the school and students are offered many opportunities to exhibit and participate in special school and community projects.


In the Elementary Music program, the students are exposed to a wide range of music including classical, jazz and other types of contemporary music, world music, folk songs, hymns and spiritual songs, as well as an extensive introduction to music history.  The students experience and create music with un-pitched instruments, recorders and mallet instruments.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade students also present a full-length musical drama each spring.  The goal of the elementary program is for students to sing on pitch and read basic music notation by the time they finish fifth grade in preparation for joining band or drama/chorus in middle school.