Locking Arms…Again!!!

“…stand united, singular in vision, contending for people’s trust in the message, the good news, not flinching or dodging in the slightest before the opposition.” Philippians 1:27 (The Message)

A recent article entitled, “Christian Schools See Growing Enrollment as Public Schools Decline” (Breitbart.com) noted that the Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) saw a 12% increase in enrollment last year. This article sited the public schools’ move to remote learning coupled with overwhelming concern about content/agenda currently taught in publics schools has resulted in many families opting to enroll their students in Christian schools or homeschooling.

Concord Academy has seen a 21% increase in enrollment since Covid (March 2020). We fought to navigate wisely, carefully and intentionally through this “storm” and remain mission focused:

· Educating with Excellence

· Loving Jesus

· Changing the World

Success was realized as we locked arms and hearts together and forged forward under the guidance and protection of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you!

As we prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, it is time to lock arms again, Eagle family. It is REENROLLMENT TIME! Please reenroll your crew ASAP.

Our tours on Wednesdays in February have seen amazing attendance, interest, resulting in new enrollments. We have limited seats available for the 2022-2023 school year. Please reenroll your crew while there are still openings.

Praying blessings upon you and your crew for a strong finish and another great school year ahead in 2022-2023. Re-enroll today!


Mr. C.


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