Concord Academy Visual Arts

The Middle and High Schools' Visual Arts Programs at Concord Academy consists of year-long studio courses for grades 6th – 12th. The students in grades 9th – 12th may progress in levels from Art I through Art IV.  The Studio Art courses in grades 6th – 8th and the Art I course serve as foundational courses for all other levels of studio art.  The principles and elements of art are taught and reinforced, while students are introduced to new art medias, concepts and techniques.  Major artists and art movements are introduced along with appropriate art projects.

Enthusiasm for the Fine Arts is encouraged and the classes are designed to be an enjoyable and spiritually enriching experience. The program is structured to help students in developing their creative thought processes, critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. Students are encouraged to seek God’s will in further developing creativity and their own personal style, especially as they progress to higher levels of art. 


The higher-level art student who chooses to take Art III and IV, will have the opportunity to spend a semester developing a unified body of work through their Thesis Portfolio. They will develop conceptual thinking skills and creative communication while also being able to identify and develop talent within specific mediums and styles of art. At the end of the year, the Thesis Portfolios will be showcased at the annual Concord Academy Student Art Show. 


All Middle/High School art students will have numerous opportunities to showcase their work on the school property, in the community, regionally and nationally.  All students in the Visual Arts Department participate in one or more of the following art competitions: Northeast Medical Student Art Exhibit, Scholastics Art & Writing Awards, and the Concord Academy Student Art Show.


Classroom Projects!